Thursday, 4 August 2011

What Have I Been Listening To?

Manuscript writing and editing needs a suitable soundtrack. Therefore, I would like to share a selection of some of the artists/tracks I constantly listen to, or have been listening to at the moment.

Sage Francis
Pretty much anything by him, but particularly

Music without lyrics can be helpful when writing, and Mogwai blend many different genres to keep it fresh.

Nuff said: I literally cannot stop listening to this, it's wonderful.

Boards Of Canada
Another song I cannot get out of my head:

Bon Iver
The new album in particular, and opening track 'Perth' stopped me sleeping on night last week


Seu Jorge
'The Life Aquatic Sessions' is not only my favourite movie soundtrack, but a damn good easy listening album too. Acoustic David Bowie covers in Portuguese, what's not to love?

The Sugarcubes
I got into Bjork's first band after reading bassist Bragi Olafsson's novel 'The Ambassador'. The band really utilize that weirdness well:   and Also, as an aside, any link to Icelandic music cannot overlook Sigur Ros, who are as ubiquitous as Radiohead in my bedroom.

TV On The Radio
Consistently on of America's most innovative bands, plus finishing their Glasonbury set with 'Ghostbusters' is inspiring

Shock horror- A girlband that actually make great music (pardon the controversy, 'tis an issue for another post, and I'm open to suggestions). They defy conventions and make wholly unexpected music for an LA girlband

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